Six Interesting Personalized Products From Moller Promotions

  • Dec 6, 2022

What do we make here?


If you've been reading the blog, you see our track record in customized apparel and giftware, as well as other items that are more obscure. We are among the top companies around in our segment, offering a wide range of products through our e-commerce shop. Here's some of what you can expect as you browse, which shows off our track record as an inventive, innovative small business with a powerful reach.




The idea of personalized caddies has taken some parts of the business world by storm. You'll see these on people's desks, or in trading magazines – including personalized and themed caddies that give the nod to pastimes like golf, or certain types of industries like software development, or offer brand visibility for one particular company or another.


Quality is the key, though, and that's where we excel in providing attractive caddies made of wood, plastic or other materials for personalized and customized shipment.




Everybody needs a calculator, in addition to a slide rule. A slide rule? Well, no, it's not the 1950s anymore. But calculators are still useful, even though many people have a calculator app on their smartphones. This is another opportunity to put your brand on something useful that will get a lot of use over time, at least, whenever numbers have to be dealt with.


Mouse Pads


This is a big one – although some people might not choose to carry around their own personal calculator or slide rule, they almost certainly use a mouse to control the cursor on their computer screen. So there is a space that can be used for customized branding or other messaging. Swag, gifts, you name it – we’re there, with the high-design processes you need to make your gear look 100%.




Need to take notes? If you're in business, you almost certainly do from time to time. Speech to text has come a long way, but paper notepads are still a mainstay in most industries.


Stress Relief Items


From time to time, established medical professionals say, we still need something to squeeze – to relieve stress and tension by using our muscles.


We specialize in customizing personalized gear that you can give out as part of the gift bag or for other branding visibility purposes.


Technology Items


This is a part of our catalog that you really should spend time reviewing. What kinds of high-tech stuff do we have? We have blue light glasses, and a stylus for your touchscreen. We have new wireless chargers that reinvent Tesla's original vision of inductive coils.


That's for starters. Get what you need from a minority owned business with a dedication to quality. Bookmark us and ask about any special deals or opportunities to buy from the best.

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