Five Promotional Products That Will Fit In Your Bag

  • Jul 7, 2022

If you want small but effective branded promotional products for your company, take a look at our catalog. We have a lot of different stuff in here, and many ways to bring brand visibility to your office or department. That’s part of our mission to equip modern business customers with what will actually get them returns, in the form of name recognition in their communities and beyond.


Here are some of the items that are selling well this summer as people go off into the great wild open!


Mugs and Tumblers


These smaller vessels are perfect for enjoying a bit of cold water, or your morning cup of coffee. You can get them in various colors and shapes to take with you everywhere, and you can also invest in a set of cozies to keep your liquids hot or cold.




“Where's my flashlight?”


It's a refrain that campers often hear when the sun’s going down, and the last edges of light diminish from the horizon.


You can outfit your campers with flashlights that properly display your company brand and logo information, to stay top of mind with people who are out there roughing it.




In some ways, a lot of people see these as the building blocks of packing for a camping excursion.


They’re the fasteners that hold life together when you're out in the woods. Get specialty high quality items with particular branding displays, so that clients and others won't forget you when they have unplugged and taken time to explore nature.


Insect Repellant


“Get these creepy crawly bugs off of me!”


Campers often pack insect repellant for the purposes of keeping insect life at bay, and this small item is almost as portable as something like a tube of lip gloss. But you can still put your company name and information on the side.




A branded blanket gives you a big space to work with. But most of these can be rolled up and put into a camping kit pretty easily. Keeping people warm at night is a laudable goal, and your company can be that vehicle of insulation for cold nights in the open.


Take a look at these and other items for promotional branding, from a minority-owned business with an excellent track record in e-commerce. We are proud to be among the top branding custom product distributors in our area and around the country, with a mission to excel and be there for our buyers, every step of the way.

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