PopSockets: Real or Fake?


Counterfeits may save money in the short term, but in the end, they’ll most likely cost more than you could ever imagine.


3M Branded – Backing Try the Stick Test: You know you have a fake on your hands if you see a 3M branded backing on the back of your PopSockets Grip. An authentic PopSockets Grip will always have a clear transparent cover that protects the rinse-able, re-positionable gel adhesive.


Try The Stick Test – An authentic PopSockets Grip uses rinse-able, re-positionable gel so you can re-stick it as many times as you want. A fake will use double-sided tape, or a thin foam double sided sticker that loses its stickiness after just one use.


Price Too Good to be True? – You get what you pay for when buying a PopSockets Grip. A defective product that doesn’t pop? Or is destroyed after just one use? Why risk your brand and your reputation on a defective device.


No POP in Your PopSockets® Grip? – An authentic PopSockets® Grip will literally make a ‘pop’ sound when being extended. It also maintains its shape once extended, providing a sturdy stand. A fake will be flimsy and can collapse in, when using as a stand.


 PopSockets Brand – Last but not least, an authentic PopSockets Grip will have clear PopSockets branding debossed into the base plate of the device. Look for PopSockets.com and a Patent number at the base of your grip to know you have the real deal on your hands.


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